Who we are ?

Jardín De Las Mariposas is a dream that we consolidate from the hard experiences that are lived from being different in a society that excludes and points out those who do not accept social labels because they know how to love differently, so we build this space, where we provide help to people of sexual diversity, and we provide them with tools to adapt within a society, without feeling excluded, alone and relegated, even by their own families of origin.

“We are an organization open to society that interacts in all spheres, be they social actors, academia, economic sectors, and government, always respecting the plurality of ideas and beliefs around public affairs”


Whoever requests help to stop any addiction process or emotional problem is always received with love and respect, due to their sexual condition, since we are the only center that receives people from the LGBTTTI community.
We carry out a process of psychological and physical help to combat addictions, in addition to carrying out activities of a social and cultural nature to contribute to the growth and development, not only of our members, but for the whole of society on issues of social inclusion and human rights, integrating to these activities not only the users but their families so that the re-adaptation is comprehensive.

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Help hundreds of people and their families to live a new reality where the sexual and emotional condition of people is lovingly accepted with respect and equal rights for all.