We are a rehabilitation center and a shelter for migrants and refugees from the LGBTTTI community in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. We exist as a space of relief and hope for those who need a home to stay to heal and achieve their dreams.

Some of them, in addition to suffering from discrimination based on race, also suffer discrimination based on their sexual diversity; Likewise, there are those who have health problems, others who do not have legal papers to access a job that allows them to pay for a decent, healthy and exclusion-free life in the city.

In the shelter we have a high number of people who suffer from having a compromised immune system, and we help them to restore health, which is one of the main objectives of our center.




Individual Counseling

Support Groups


Legal Advice

Mental Health


Our institution is governed by the Official Mexican Standard 028-SSA2-2009, mandatory observance throughout the national territory for service providers of the National Health System and in establishments in the public, social and private sectors that carry out any activity related to control of addictions.

To enter our center, a series of steps are carried out to be able to integrate a personalized and confidential file for each person that is accepted, which includes a physical and psychological assessment to determine the conditions in which they are and if they are eligible to receive the treatment, once accepted as the case may be due to consumption of alcohol and / or psychoactive substances, we continue with the evaluation of the responsible doctor to start his treatment applying the stages of our rehabilitation model that includes the following:

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Development Treatment