Jardín De Las Mariposas is a dream that we consolidate from the hard experiences that we live from being different in a society that excludes and points out those who do not accept social labels because they know how to love differently, so we built this space , where we provide help to people of sexual diversity, and we provide them with tools so that they can adapt within a society, without feeling excluded, alone and relegated, even by their own families of origin.
We are an organization open to society that interacts in all areas, be they social actors, academia, economic sectors, and government, always respecting the plurality of ideas and beliefs around public affairs.
Today we can proudly say that we have helped hundreds of people and their families to live a new reality, where the sexual and emotional condition is lovingly accepted, with respect, equity and equal rights. We want people belonging to the LGBTTTI community to live full, happy and free.


To be rehabilitation and social adaptation center in strategies, methods of prevention and residential treatment in the field of addictions and emotional situations based on adherence to compliance with standards and development of teamwork for the application of ethical principles, moral and spiritual as well as modern methods in the management of resources to provide a capitation of social and labor inclusion to users.


Improve the quality of life of migrants from the LGBTTTI community.
Through our shelter and rehabilitation center, guarantee the social reintegration and development of migrants from the LGBTTTI community in Tijuana.

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We are a rehabilitation center and a shelter for migrants from the LGBTTTI community. We exist as a space of relief and hope for those who are in the city of Tijuana, Mexico and need a home to stay to heal and achieve their dreams. Some of them, in addition to suffering from discrimination based on race, also suffer discrimination based on their sexual diversity; There are also those who have health problems, others do not have legal papers to access a job that allows them to pay for a dignified, healthy and exclusion-free life in the city.

At the shelter we have a high number of people who have their immune systems compromised, and we help them to restore health, which is one of the main objectives of our center.